Welcome to Little Krishna Educational Trust

Little Krishna Educational Trust we provide a beautiful, child-centered environment,Montessori school and Montessori Teacher training,. This environment is meticulously prepared for Montessori based learning for children between the ages of two and six. Our philosophy is to support Montessori education as a natural process which happens spontaneously. We know that the early years of the child are the most important years of an individual. In fact a child's personality is formed by then, and it`s important to give a holistic development with the right facilities in the right way. We at littleKrishna follow the authentic Montessori Methodologies, and core Montessori curriculum. The culture of mixed aged groups provide children with opportunities to enhance their social skills through communication and cooperation with their friends.

You are always invited to Come & Visit our School. Little Krishna is one of the best & top play school in Bargur. Our school is located in Bargur, Krishnagiri. We have four classes in our school programs like Mont(Nursery),Mont-1(Pre-Kg),Mont-2(LKG), Mont-3(UKG) and Upper Primary (1-5) Apart from the school program, we also provide Activity classes & DAY Care services for working parents.

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Core Values

"Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment"
- Dr. Maria Montessori

At Little Krishna, we follow core Montessori method and foster;

Why choose us

Montessori education is the basic education for life sustainability that is powerful, drives positive attention focussing on experimental designed models measured with certain metrics applying the neuroscience perspective. A trustworthy harmonious path of life in all ebb and flow with our Little Krishna. We attempt to satisfy the child and tame the child to attain a cheerful and colourful space that caters children of age 18 months to 6 years. Our basic life sustaining method is to support and assure the child to lead a confident, independent way of life in an eco-friendly, happy and caring home-like ambiance.


  • Therapy consultation.
  • Sports Activity.
  • All round wellbeing and holistic development.
  • A circle of learning and scaffolding.

Our Programs

Montessori School Classes


Little Krishna program is an end-to-end Support program to facilitate Homeschooling led by parents. With exciting and engaging learning materials and weekly planners, we help parents create a seamless homeschooling experience for their children. Also, twice a month interaction

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Montessori Teacher Training


Little Krishna pursues excellence in teaching & learning through a rigorous core curriculum and personal attention to student formation in a nurturing community.Having a great mission to provide a quality super-structured educational program through our integral curriculum.

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Activity & Virtual classes


Little Krishna virtual learning program is in adaptation to the dynamically changing ways and means of learning. we execute classes that are seamless, proficient and a perfect balance of Academics and Co-curricular activities. With Monday to Friday virtual, uninterrupted classes

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